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Personal and Household Storage

in Bicester, Oxfordshire

How can we help you?

At Swallowfields Self Storage, we offer storage containers large enough to store the contents of a 3-4 bedroom house – that’s a lot of space to store things, and a lot of space saved in your house!

Our storage solutions for personal and household belongings allow you to keep only the items you need on your property – the ones you don’t always need can be kept securely with us. And because our location in Bicester is so close to major surrounding areas (namely Banbury, Oxford, Buckingham and Aylesbury), you won’t have to go out of your way.

Alternatively, if you’re moving house, let us temporarily look after your items whilst you deal with everything else. Consider it a little bit of weight off your shoulders, and remember – we only require 7 days’ notice before you wish to terminate your storage, so you’ll only pay for the duration you need!

Make your house more of a home

  • If you're out of space in the loft or garage, consider placing your items in storage - safely out of the way allowing you to use the space for a better purpose
  • Keep old or unused furniture out of the way - seasonal decorations only seen once a year don't need to take up space in your house
  • Let yourself de-clutter efficiently - securely store your items with us whilst you sort things out
  • Maximise space in your home - whether it's for a baby on the way or to allow you to repurpose a cluttered 'bedroom'
  • Make decorating, renovating and extensions hassle-free - temporarily store your possessions in one of our clean, dry containers
  • Store skiing or sports equipment out of sight - or perhaps you have a motorbike or quad bike which you don't currently use
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Perhaps you aren't at home, or you're moving house

  • Keep your possessions with us whilst you wait to move into your new house - remember, we only require 7 days' notice before terminating your storage
  • If you need to downsize, our containers provide ample space for the items you don't need
  • Maybe you're letting your house - in this case, you likely don't want to keep all of your own possessions at the property!
  • Make your house look tidy and spacious when it comes to selling, in turn making your property more attractive to potential buyers
  • If you work abroad or are going travelling, perhaps we have a storage solution to make your life easier
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We also cater for students, inherited items and more

  • Store your belongings when your accomodation doesn't provide the space
  • Children leaving home may mean unused belongings are left to take up space - there's no need to get rid of them, simply keep them with us
  • Along the same lines, sentimental bits can be kept clean, dry and secure with us - likely easier to locate and keep altogether than somewhere deep in your cupboards!
  • Inherited items can also be safely stored with us
  • Gifts and presents can be stored with us, out of sight from prying eyes!
A student cap
Note: This list isn't exhaustive; you can store most things with us as long as they're not perishable, illegal, live or flammable!