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Business & Retail Storage

in Bicester, Oxfordshire

What can we do for you?

Perhaps you need a secure place to store your tools and equipment, or maybe you’re a retailer requiring additional space to keep extra stock. Or you might just want to create a more spacious office or workplace.

We provide clean, dry storage containers large enough to store the contents of a 7.5 tonne lorry – easily enough space to securely store the items you don’t always require at work. Our prime location in Bicester means we’re less than half an hour away from major surrounding areas, namely Oxford, Banbury, Buckingham and Aylesbury.

Alternately, you may be looking to move to a new office or workplace; if that’s the case, let us keep your items safe whilst you do so – we only require 7 days’ notice before you wish to terminate your storage, so you’ll only pay for the duration you need.

Retailing made easier

  • Keep surplus stock safely with us and allow yourself to replenish stock on your terms, making it easier to manage supply and demand
  • If you're pushed for space, we have a storage solution to help maximise the space you do have
  • Storing with us can be easier and less expensive than moving premises
  • By moving the assets you don't need into storage, you can ensure floor space is used efficiently and maximise profits
  • We can also assist online e-commerce sellers - whether you use eBay, Etsy or run your own website
  • We're a 10 minute drive from Bicester Village - securely store your stock or unneeded visual displays/signage with us
A shop

Keep your office or workplace tidy and spacious

  • Archive paperwork that you don't need, or the 'dead filing' you're legally obligated to keep
  • De-clutter efficiently by keeping the obstructions with us - and in turn keep your office looking neat and roomy
  • It's all in the presentation, so keep the clutter and unused furniture with us and make your office or workplace more attractive to customers
  • If you're expanding your workforce, you may need to create space; we may have just the storage solution you need for the bits you want to move out of the way
  • Storing with us can be easier and less expensive than moving premises
  • Perhaps you work from home where space is a greater issue - create more space in your house or garage by keeping belongings securely with us
An office

Securely store your equipment or materials

  • We can keep your valuable tools and equipment safe and secure - as well as dry and protected from the elements; 24/7 CCTV in an enclosed facility is much safer than keeping items in your van when you're not at work
  • Maybe you need to free up space in your workshop - keep machinery or materials with us and do just that
  • If you've got exhibition or display items, you likely don't need them every day - a storage container may be just the solution you need
  • Increase efficiency by having only the apparatus you need on hand, and the equipment you don't need in a centralised and convenient place
A set of tools
Note: This list isn't exhaustive; you can store most things with us as long as they're not perishable, illegal, live or flammable!